We've all dreamt of it, that extra pair of hands to help conquer an overflowing to-do list and free up time for what truly matters. 
Working with a virtual assistant (VA) can be a game changer for busy entrepreneurs. But just like any relationship, a great VA-client relationship doesn't happen by chance. It's built on trust, clear communication, and a solid foundation. 
So, how do you unlock the dream team dynamic with your VA? Here are our 5 top tips… 

Tip 1: The secret to a smooth transition is detailed onboarding prep 

Before your VA's first day, spend some time in setting them up for success. Gather all the essentials: logins, tool access, project details, and any need-to-know information. Lay out a clear roadmap for their first day and beyond, outlining tasks, expectations, and priorities. This initial time investment will help to ensure a smooth launch, minimising confusion, and empowering your VA to hit the ground running. 

Tip 2: Schedule regular check-ins and feedback in advance 

In the early days, prioritise regular check-ins with your VA. These meetings are not just for updates; they're opportunities to build a strong working relationship with your VA, answer any questions, and encourage open communication. Don't be shy to ask for their feedback on your onboarding and workflow. Their new perspective can reveal areas for improvement, allowing you to fine-tune your approach and lay the foundation for a smooth, collaborative relationship. Remember, open communication is the cornerstone of any successful relationship, and these early meetings lay the foundation for a long-lasting team. 

Tip 3: Be crystal clear in your delegation 

When delegating tasks, you want to avoid any opportunity for guesswork. Clearly define each project and its purpose, setting specific goals and outlining what "finished" looks like. Don't be afraid to get into the details – think deadlines, deliverables, and even how you prefer to communicate. If needed, provide examples, templates, or even visual references to make sure the work your VA's is producing matches your vision perfectly. This eliminates guesswork, ensures your VA is on the same page, and ultimately, guarantees you get exactly what you need without micromanaging them. It's a win-win that keeps your workflow smooth and your stress levels low. 

Tip 4: Have SOPs for any complex processes or systems 

For complex processes that make your head spin, consider creating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). These are step-by-step instructions for any repeatable task. With easy access to SOPs, your VA (or anyone else on your team) can tackle complex tasks independently and efficiently, freeing up your time for bigger picture thinking. If you haven't created them yet, this could be the perfect opportunity to delegate the task to your VA, putting their skills to work while streamlining your own processes. 

Tip 5: Don't worry about over communicating! 

When it comes to briefing your VA, there’s no such thing as too much information! The more specific you are about needs, preferences, and the outcomes you’re looking for, the less your VA has to guess, and the better results you’ll get. And the more feedback you can provide them with, the better they’re going to get. 
Building a dream team with your VA isn't just about finding the right skills; it's about creating the right relationship. By following these tips, you can unlock a partnership that fuels your success and frees you to focus on what matters most. If you’d like to find out more, drop us a message at admin@action-pas.com
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