Call Management 

Call Management 

You just find the time to focus on the work you love doing and the phone buzzes. Again. It’s great the work is coming in … but it would be great to have time to actually do the work, right? 
We give your focus back. We remove distractions. We have a team dedicated to answering your phone when you’re not able to. Choose the best package to suit your business. 
24/7 services 
holiday cover 
diary management 
… we’ve got your back! 
These packages are designed for our clients who require more than just a basic ‘message service’. 
What is included in Our “Minute Inclusive” Packages? 
*Please note our prices are subject to VAT. 
Calls answered in your name. 
Name, number, email and a message taken. 
More complex messages/FAQs/forms. 
Instant email and/or one SMS notification for each inbound call. 
End of day/week and/or month reporting. 
Dedicated account manager. 
Optional extras which are available: 
24/7 service is available. 
Call forwarding can be added. 
All other optional extra services detailed below can be added.. 

Per Minute 'PAYG' rates 

Hours included 
Monthly fee 
Cost per minute 
Working week 
Monday - Friday 
8.30am - 6.00pm 
Per minute 
Out of hours 'OOH' Evenings, 
Weekends and Bank Holidays 
OOH / per minute 
for OOH calls 
Set up cost 
Monthly fee 

Holiday cover (payable in advance) 

Set up cost 
(one off) 
Excess call cost 
(per min) 
To cover short-term holiday 
£2.88/month (to keep the same DDI) 
£1.44/day - diary management (optional) 

Call Patches / /Transfers (p/patch & p/minute) 

Transferring your callers to 01 and 02 numbers 
£1.00/patch ** 
Transferring your callers to 03, 07 and 08 numbers 
£3.17/patch ** 
Transferring your callers to international landline numbers 
£1.80/patch ** 
** NB: The ‘per patch’ cost includes: 
10 minutes patch length to UK landlines 
10 minutes patch length to UK mobiles 
10 minutes patch length to international landlines 
Patched calls in excess of these lengths will be charged as an additional patch at the rate stipulated above. 

Outgoing Calls (per minute) 

Directly related to incoming calls (not follow-ups or marketing) 
Working day 


Number type 
Set up cost (one off) 
Monthy fee 
From 21.60 
0300 or 0333 
From £21.60 
01 or 02 
From £14.40 
Individual quote 
Individual quote 

Website Live Chat 

Monthly fee 
Cost per chat 
In-hours only 
8.30am until 6.00pm 
Monday - Friday 
Evenings, Weekends and Bank Holidays 

Other Call-Related Services 

Diary management 
Appointment making, cancelling 
and scheduling 
Diary set up 
Setting up a diary / transferring 
client information 
CRM management 
Entering caller details into 
client's CRM 
Order processing 
Sent on a message 
Processed on one system 
Processed on two systems 
£1.94 per order 
£2.74 per order 
Disaster recovery 
Procedure implemented to protect business 
in the event of a disaster / emergency 
Fault ticket logging 
Using client's system or ours 
From £57.60 

How does it work? 

To direct the call to your phone we will use a DDI (direct dial inwards) which you will be provided with, once you have this you can contact your mobile provider and they will do the rest. 

What information do you take from callers? 

Again, this is entirely up to you, we will merely function as the messenger. Should you need a contact name and message, or a more detailed account of questions you require us to pass over. Once we are aware of what your preferences, we will only ever email you with the relevant information you have requested. 

Can you provide me with a telephone number that I can advertise on my website and other promotional material? 

Absolutely, you can have 01, 02, 03 and 08 virtual telephone numbers. Furthermore, the numbers are not restricted to your geographical location, if you work in the North of Manchester, you can still have a London Telephone number. 

How do I get my messages? 

Once you have received a call, we will send over an email detailing the caller ID, why they called and the time. If you’d prefer, we can also send you an SMS to inform you of this email. 
Opposingly, should you not want to be contacted immediately after-every call, we can organise a regular time or day that suits you best. This way you will be sent a list either in the form of an email or a spreadsheet attachment with the details of all of your calls/messages. 

Do I have to have my phones diverted all of the time? 

Definitely not! It’s down to your discretion, we just need enough notice so that we can organise it accordingly. We can provide telephone cover as and when you need it, if you provide us with the days and time that you are not available, we will provide the telephone cover for this time. 

How do virtual telephone numbers work? 

They are designed to suit you, in that they are virtual, and therefore do not require a landline to function. In any given situation, your virtual telephone number can divert incoming calls to any device, whether that be a mobile, home phone or office landline. With this in mind, if you only have a mobile, using a virtual phone number means that you can work from your personal handset to answer client calls. 
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