PA Services 

PA Services 

Action PAs pick up all those organisational and administrative tasks you do battle with as a small business, so you can focus on growing your business and doing what you do best. 
Flexible, consistent work with someone you know and trust. 
Action PAs swoosh in to reply to emails, book appointments and deal with client servicing, so you can generate more income and make your time more profitable. 
Your time is extremely valuable. That’s why you should focus on things that matter, like achieving your business goals, maximising profits and growing your business. Our dedicated team take the stress of administrative and organisational tasks off your hands, streamlining your business efficiency so you can feel organised, focussed, and stress-free. 
Ours is a bespoke, luxury service with you at its heart. You have your matched virtual PA as your primary contact, and you have the flexibility to pull in other VAs when you need them. 
A big HELLO to time and boosted profit. 
The most successful business owners know a personal assistant is essential to their achievements. We work with our clients to identify tasks they can delegate, so they can use their valuable time to nurture their future success. 
Tasks that stress and frustrate you, that eat your time and make you feel disorganised: they are OUR tasks. We take those on, work our magic and give you clear focus and a sense of calm. That way, you can redirect your time to growing your business, achieving your goals and living the sumptuous life you deserve. Your VA slots naturally into your business, like your in-house PA, using your company’s email address and signature – providing a seamless process and a bespoke service. 
With your Action PA, you will: 
• Free up headspace and energy 
• Focus on your business 
• Keep up to date with your work 
• Achieve your goals 
Hand over the tasks that waste your time. No task is too big or small. 

Our Packages 

At Action PAs, our mission is to enable you, the business owner, to achieve your vision in both your business and personal life. Our executive level PAs have the experience necessary to effortlessly integrate into your business. They manage your time, calming your schedule, to allow you to focus on the tasks that create business resilience and growth. 
We have two executive packages to suit the busy professional. We come ready to work in your business with no start-up, training or equipment costs. Our packages are fully flexible, if you wish to switch between levels of support, you can do so without a notice period. 

Professional Flex £30 per hour 

A flexible package that can be tailored to suit your personal and business needs. Your PA will streamline processes and take on the administrative tasks that get in the way of your strategic activities. 

Executive Plus £33 per hour 

In addition to the professional flex package, you will get a VA with in-depth experience working with CEOs and directors, and a track record of delivering with minimal input. 
Our Executive Plus VAs have the added value of the high level expertise to anticipate your individual needs by managing complex tasks and adapting to different software and systems. 
Satisfaction Guarantee 
Skills and personality aligned to your business 
Flexibility to adapt your business needs 
Dedicated UK-based VA 
Access to the expertise and experience of the team 
One-month cancellation notice 
Satisfaction Guarantee 
Skills and personality aligned to your business 
Flexibility to adapt your business needs 
Dedicated UK-based VA 
Access to the expertise and experience of the team 
One-month cancellation notice 
Free subscription to our Premium packages, which include 
Holiday cover whilst your VA is away 
Monthly time reports 
Quarterly Review of Services 
Roll unused hours to the following month 
Satisfaction Guarantee 
If you ever feel dissatisfied with our service, please know we’ll do everything in our considerable superpowers to put that smile back on your face, whether it’s starting from scratch, a simple correction or your money back. 
Please let us know within 7 days of the work being done and we’ll move heaven and earth to get things back on course. Promise. 
What do you get with your exclusive Action PAs package? 
All the benefits of an experienced, professional assistant without the burden of an employee. No NI, holiday pay, sick pay, pension, training costs. We even come with our own equipment, so we can get started in your business immediately. 

How do you track your hours? 

We utilize Clockify, a software that precisely tracks individual and team minutes towards projects. By monitoring our client work down to the minute, we can manage packages effectively. For our premium clients, we provide monthly reports that detail how our time was allocated. 

Can you come and work in my office? 

Yes, virtual assistants can work on-site if requested by the client, provided that the VA is located locally. Despite the name, we are flexible in our work arrangements to meet the needs of our clients. 

How long should I work with a virtual assistant, and what is your policy for ending services? 

We recommend a minimum of 3-6 months to establish an effective working relationship between our clients and virtual assistants. Should you decide to discontinue our services, we require only 1 month's notice. When upgrading an existing package, we offer a 'no fixed terms' period for the first 3 months, meaning you can downgrade without any notice. Our goal is to provide flexible and transparent service to meet the needs of our clients. 

Is it possible to work within a team virtually? 

The events of 2020 have demonstrated that remote work can be both proactive and productive. As such, we encourage our VAs to schedule regular calls with co-workers, clients, and mentors to maintain focus and connection. 

What happens if all my hours aren’t used in the package? 

We are committed to providing value to our clients and offer flexibility to meet their needs. If you have unused hours at the end of the month, simply inform us, and we will roll them over to the next month for your convenience. It's that simple. 

How do you match up clients with VAs?  

We take a variety of factors into account when pairing clients with virtual assistants. We consider the VA's experience, skill set, and DISC profile - a personality evaluation that each VA undergoes to ensure optimal compatibility and results for our clients. Our goal is to create seamless and effective matches between clients and VAs. 
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