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Andrea Sexton, Admire PR 
Action PAs help keep me on track – nothing is too much trouble and I know that they are on hand to help with any of my office admin needs. 
They are highly professional, reliable and always ready to solve any problems. I fully recommend working with them. 
Rob Brown, Fitzgerald Properties 
Working with Action PAs has been a god-send. They’re very efficient – and do what they say they’re going to do, when they say they’re going to do it. That’s very important to me when it comes to a Good PA and Action PA’s always deliver. 
I would highly recommend them as I’ve used them for nearly 3 years and the results have been fantastic. 
Craig Obrien, EMC 
We have been using Action PA’s now for a few months and it has completely transformed the way I am able to operate. No longer am I wasting my time looking into tasks that I knew needed doing but could not find the time to do or even look into doing. Now it is a simple call, text or email to Action PAs and all is taken care of, be it in house or outsourced options.  
No longer do I spend time lost in my email inbox, filing or replying to every last little email – if my PA needs my input it is all in one simple summary email once a week, so much easier for me to deal with.  
We have also started using the team for Social Media management for both my wife’s floristry business and EMC too – seamless, great content and communication. 
We are now researching for marketing and completing systems and procedure tasks which we have known needed doing forever, but never knew how to, or had the time to work out. Using Action PA’s has certainly assisted us in growth and development for both EMC and Bloomfield’s and is continuing to do at a fast rate of knots. 
Mark Brown, Barber Brown Unisex Hairdressing 
We have used Action PA's services for over six months and find them to be professional, precise and knowledgeable. As a business owner I hate admin and all things admin. I have tried many different approaches before settling on Action PAs. They are consistent, fair and clear with communication when interacting with me and as my business as well as being flexible with time and at short notice too. By using Action PAs we are saving time, money and of course the god awful issue of administration throughout our business! 
James Cook, SpiderGroup 
My experience of working with the team at Action PAs has been amazing. I’ve had lots of clients and prospects comment on how well you have dealt with them as that reflects on my business, it’s always great to hear that we’re being well represented. 
I appreciate the fact that you take the initiative where necessary, and that you’ve adapted admirably to all the different and new technologies we have thrown at you the perils of having a tech company for a client! 
What matters most to me is the fact that I can relax knowing that you are sorting everything that needs sorting. Being able to focus on my business without having to worry about whether something will get done makes a huge difference and it’s why I can wholeheartedly recommend Action PAs. 
Sarah Cunliffe, True Freedom 
Action Pas have enabled me to focus on my goals for growth by taking away the weight of administrative, organisational tasks that eat up all my available time around delivering my service. 
They are very proactive and constantly going the extra mile whilst always keeping excellent communications with me and bring me a great deal of customer delight. I don’t know how I did without them. 
I now feel like I have another member of staff alongside me who is as passionate as me about my business succeeding and who is diplomatic, has emotional intelligence and matches my core values. 

Success Story - Sarah Cunliffe, True Freedom 

“Action PAs have enabled me to focus on my goals for growth” 

Every business owner knows that the admin is necessary and somewhat crucial, but not every business owner knows that their time spent doing such could actually be costing them revenue of up to 412%. 
6 months ago, Sarah at True Freedom was working upwards of 65 hours a week. Despite having once worked as a PA in the past, the mounting admin tasks quickly became something of a nuisance, and actually hindered her capacity to grow the business. 
One of the biggest time consumers was the comms between herself and clients. Sarah found herself setting aside time in her busy schedule to reply to emails, arrange client appointments, manage customer queries and more. Which meant that she wasn’t utilising her time and energy building the company’s revenue. 
We sat down with Sarah to see how we could support her in her business and assist her in increasing her revenue. Having weighed up the options, Sarah decided to put her faith in us, and began outsourcing her administrative tasks to Action PAs. 
Easing herself in Sarah started on the Ruby package with 15 hours per month which meant that she was able to delegate: 
• Email and diary management 
• Client servicing 
Having quickly seen the benefits only 2 months in, Sarah promptly upgraded to our diamond package with 25 hours per month. Which in-turn, meant she was able to delegate so much more: 
• Critical non-essential gifts 
• Weekly reporting of the business 
• Monthly newsletters 
• Company goals 
• Sending GDPR documents to clients 
• CRM management 
After 6 months of working with us, Sarah has been able to utilize her time and increase her client base without the weight of admin. This has increased her monthly turnover by 412% over our monthly fees. 
As a result, Sarah has now published 2 books and taking on another employee for True Freedom. She also is able to direct her energy each week to giving her clients the fantastic service they come to see her for. 
Not only do we support our clients increasing their turnover, we assist in giving them back their laser light focus, bringing structure to their day, and (most importantly) leave them with a smile on their face. 
If you’d like any more information about how we help business owners gain control of their business, please contact us
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